Custom Purchase & Sail Training Program

Our combined 70 plus years of sailing experience, yacht dealer expertise and USCG Master's 100 ton sail auxiliary license are now available to you.  Let us make your dream of sailing come true.  With our Custom Purchase & Sail Training Program you will select from our purchase inventory offered and we will obtain the best valued, most suitable sailing or powered vessel for you to meet your dreams with.  We will arrange for delivery to the available training port of your choice. 

We offer an OFFSHORE single handed sail training program with your purchased vessel of choice.  We will supervise the outfitting and updating of your vessel with tooling and sea spares to meet your cruising needs.  This exclusive program focuses on your sail-mate's and family's safety, comfort and the ability to meet their needs.  Our mission is to ensure a no frustration, no pressure sailing experience for the whole family.

The offshore sail training program includes but is not limited to vessel service knowledge, docking and undocking as well as maneuvering and anchoring, sail training under all conditions from light air to heavy weather.  Also included are day and night navigation, chart reading, GPS course programming for a chartered course, man overboard and UHF-USCG emergency training. The text for this elite training program is taken from Chapman's Piloting and Seamanship manual used by the USCG to obtain a Master's 50/100 ton commercial license for supplemental earning with your vessel.  Our combined 70 plus years of seasoned sailing experience offers you the ultimate gift of being prepared for survival at sea.

If you are a seasoned sailor interested in sharing your offshore sailing knowledge and experience with those desiring to fulfill the dream of sailing, we offer a unique Partnership Broker/Trainer Opportunity.


View our Custom Purchase & Sail Training Program Syllabus

Training Information Request Form

  • Submittal of this request form doesn't constitute a binding agreement unless personal contact with you has been made and we have received a hard copy agreement with your signature from you. 

  • This sailboat training and purchase request form is intended to provide us with your sailboat training and/or purchasing needs.  This is used strictly as a tool for contacting us with your interest and needs.


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View our Custom Purchase & Sail Training Program Syllabus


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